Fused Nerve Locations

A special muscle accidentally created during an experiment of forced fusion.

Table LegendDescription
*Boss Stage
<-Same Stages as Normal
None found

Continent of RitaniaWorld Difficulty
1. Ezera
2. Reingar
2S. Levulin
3. Savara
3S. Farche Frontier
4-1. Solayu Swamp
4-2. Solayu Forest
5. Dun Blyraia
5S. Sun Desert
6. South Wetheric Moor
7. North Wetheric Moor
8. Duselnorc
8S. Breezy Plain
9-1. West Taranor
9-2. Central Taranor• 9-8
• 9-S6
10. East Taranor