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[GM Event 12/21/18] New Animation Sharing Event

[GM Event 12/21/18] New Animation Sharing Event

by JayDecember 21, 2018

NOTE: This is a repost of an event listed on the official website. It is reposted on our website for ease of access. You can view the original post here.

Heirs! Did you experience a small miracle while you were playing Epic Seven in 2018?

Share the miracle of Epic Seven with your friends in 2019!
 Earn points based on your friends’ participation and receive fantastic gifts according to how many points you earn!

1. Event Period: Dec. 12th 2018 (Fri) – Jan. 13th 2019 (Sun)
2. Rewards:

Just sharing this video celebrating the new year with Epic Seven’s earn you a prize!
Free Energyx60!

The Top 10 Heirs will receive Google Play Gift Cards!
★1st Place: US$100
★2nd Place: US$50
★3rd-10th Place: US$25

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