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[Patch Notes 1/23/2019] New Hero Violet, New Side Quest, Game changes, and more

[Patch Notes 1/23/2019] New Hero Violet, New Side Quest, Game changes, and more

by JayJanuary 24, 2019

1. The new Hero Violet has arrived!

A narcissistic but incredibly skilled swordsman–

The son of a noble Perland family, meet the 5★ Hero, Violet!

■ Violet

[Hero Introduction]

[Skill Introduction]

2. New Artifact – Violet Talisman

This Thief exclusive Artifact increases the attack and evasion chance at the start of each turn for the Hero who has equipped it. 

■ Violet Talisman

3. Violet and Violet Talisman Drop Rate Up!

Violet is an Earth Thief whose damage dealt is proportional to the amount of Focus that is consumed, and when successfully evading an attack he is able to counterattack his opponents!
Violet Talisman is an artifact that grants the wearer increased attack and evasion chance at the start of every turn!

Meet the smooth-talking Violet and the powerful new artifact, Violet’s Talisman, during this Drop Rate Up event! 

■ Schedule

1/23 (Wed) after the update ~ 2/6 (Wed) 14:59 (UTC)
※ After the Drop Rate Up ends, both the 5★ Hero Violet and the 5★ Artifact Violet Talisman will be added to Covenant Summons and applicable Summon Tickets. 

4. The Side Story Visitor From Perland is now open!

Violet emerges from a Chaos Gate only to find himself in Ritania – a place only known in tales and histories, where he receives some shocking information…

The man from Cidonia, the land of Rotted Earth. This is Violet’s tale.

■ Availability

1/23 (Wed) after the update ~ 2/6 (Wed) before the update

■ How to Enter

After reaching Account Rank 9, go to the Lobby and tap Battle > Side Story.

■ How to Participate

Play through the Side Story stages to collect the event currency “Indecipherable Journals” and exchange them for great rewards! Additional rewards can be collected from Region Rewards, Quests, and Reputation. 

[Event Currency] 

1) Violet and the following Heroes receive benefits when used in Visitor From Perland:

2) Players can also receive Urgent Missions while playing a Side Story.

3) In the Side Story region, players can acquire 2★ Monsters and Catalysts. Players can see this information by tapping the Region Info icon.
4) Once players clear the stage [Eastern Outskirts of Tirel Castle] they will be able to select higher difficulty stages. 

■ Locked Quests
The side story [Visitor From Perland] consists of two areas, Savara to Ezera. In order to move from Savara to Ezera, players must clear the locked quests. 

■ Side Story Improvements: Multiple Difficulty Levels
In previous versions of Side Story mode, players were able to play World difficulty after having cleared the side story on Normal. Now there will be four different difficulty levels players can select from. These levels start from Easy and then go to Normal, Hard, and Hell mode. The highest difficulty, Hell, will reward the player with up to five times the amount of event currency.

Additionally, in order to increase character progression, the rewards for the higher level stages include 3 star penguins, as well as an increase in epic and rare catalysts that can be obtained.

Stages [4. Weeping Desert] and [10. Eastern Outskirts of Tirel Castle] allow players to select their difficulty level. Players may only select a higher difficulty level if they successfully cleared the one before it. Remember, the higher the difficulty level, the stronger the enemies, but the better the rewards!

■ Rewards


Indecipherable JournalsBlack Curse Powder1706
Erikion Carapace88
Sharp Spearhead1515
MolaGora Seed11
Epic Life Rune33
Greater Life Rune x344
Life Rune x1055
Covenant Bookmarks x533
Blade Dash Penguin55
Greater Artifact Charm11
Lesser Artifact Charm33


Finding Truth 1Leif x1
Finding Truth 2Leif x1
Finding Truth 3Leif x1
Finding Truth 4Leif x1
Finding Truth 5Leif x1
Collect Information 1Gold x30,000
Collect Information 2Gold x50,000
Collect Information 3Rare Catalyst Chest x1
Collect Information 4Skystone x15
Collect Information 5Skystone x20
Elegant Display of Skill 1Silver Transmit Stone x1
Elegant Display of Skill 2Silver Transmit Stone x1
Elegant Display of Skill 3Silver Transmit Stone x1
Accomplished RaiderSkystone x50
Facing the TruthCovenant Bookmarks x10
All Achievements Complete RewardSilver Transmit Stone x3

5. Raid Labyrinth – Royal Capital Azmakalis (Hell) Area 4 Open

Area 4 of Royal Capital Azmakalis (Hell) has been unlocked.

The ancient Azimanus lord Executioner Karkanis has become even more powerful—he must be stopped!

■ Entry Requirements

Clear the mission “Eliminate Queen Azumashik” in Royal Capital Azmakalis (Normal). 

■ Necessary Materials

Malicious Bug Charm x1

※ Malicious Bug Charms can be obtained by defeating Queen Azumashik in Normal difficulty or by purchasing them in the Ancient Coin Shop in the Lobby. 

[Malicious Bug Charm]

■ Weekly Reset

1) Reset Time: Every Sunday at 18:00 UTC. 

2) Entry Restrictions: In order to ensure stability during the reset, players will not be able to enter for 5 hours prior to the reset on Sundays.

– If the reset begins after entrance but the player clears the Labyrinth before Sunday at 13:00 UTC, they will be able to obtain the reward as normal.

– If the reset begins after entrance and the player does not clear the Labyrinth by Sunday at 13:00 UTC, they will be forced to exit the Labyrinth, will not receive a reward, and will have the currency used to enter refunded to them.

3) Reset Details

– Areas cleared reset

– Progress of Royal Capital Azmakalis (Hell) Areas 1 & 4 is reset

– Monsters respawn

■ How to Play

Executioner Karkanis can now be found in Area 4 of the Raid Labyrinth “Royal Capital Azmakalis (Hell)”.

Aside from Areas 1 and 4, other Areas are still unavailable for exploration and will be opened at a later date.

Normal/Elite/Boss Monsters will appear and will not respawn until the weekly Labyrinth reset.

■ Obtainable Equipment

Greater Champion’s Equipment and Azimanus Fighter’s Ring can be obtained.

[Greater Lost Warrior’s Equipment]

– There is a chance for Greater Lost Warrior’s Equipment to drop after defeating Normal/Elite/Boss Monsters in Areas 1 and 4.

– Main and sub options are assigned randomly upon acquisition. 

Item NameDescriptionSet
Greater Lost Warrior’s SwordThe sword of a Human warrior who came to Azmakalis long ago in search of the Azimanus Kingdom’s treasure.One of the following: Resist/Speed/Attack/Immunity
Greater Lost Warrior’s HelmThe sword of a Human warrior who came to Azmakalis long ago in search of the Azimanus Kingdom’s treasure.
Greater Lost Warrior’s ArmorThe sword of a Human warrior who came to Azmakalis long ago in search of the Azimanus Kingdom’s treasure.
Greater Lost Warrior’s BootsBoots of an adventurer who never gave up hope after becoming lost in the Azmakalis Labyrinth.
Greater Lost Warrior’s NecklaceA necklace received from a lover before joining an expedition to Asmakalis. It is possible to see traces of tears upon it.
Greater Lost Warrior’s RingA ring created to celebrate the siege of Azmakalis. The identity of its owner has faded into the fog of history.

[Greater Azimanus Fighter’s Ring]

– There is a low chance for Greater Azimanus Fighter’s Ring to drop after defeating Normal/Elite Monsters in Areas 1 and 4.

– Main and sub options are assigned randomly upon acquisition. 

■ Hell Difficulty’s Logistics Officer

– Collect “Queen’s Guard Badge” dropped by Boss Monsters in Hell Difficulty and exchange them for various items by speaking with Alexa, the Logistics Officer. 

– The Logistics Officer will be encountered 100% of the time at her designated location in the Labyrinth.

– The limit on the number of purchases for each item resets every day at server reset.

[Exclusive Resource]

[Items for Sale]

ItemCost (in Queen’s Guard Badges)
Horn of Desire1
Nightmare Mask1
Black Curse Powder1
The Heart of Hypocrisy1
Greater Azimanus Fighter’s Dagger10
Greater Azimanus Fighter’s Armor10
Greater Azimanus Fighter’s Necklace10
Epic Artifact Charm5
Epic Necklace Charm3
Epic Ring Charm3

[Greater Azimanus Fighter’s Equipment]

– Each piece of equipment’s set, options, and stats are fixed when first acquired.

– When Enhancing the equipment after purchase, additional stats will be assigned randomly.

6. Other Updates & Bug Fixes

■ Summon

– 5★ Hero Bellona and 5★ Artifact Iron Fan have been added to the Covenant Summon.

– 5★ Hero Bellona and 5★ Artifact Iron Fan are also now available from applicable Summon Tickets.

– Skill Preview for Summon Rate UP Heroes is now available.

– The free summon time countdown display error has now been fixed.

■ Heroes

– Ken’s Vigor Buff can no longer be taken away by the enemy.

– An issue has been fixed in which Tywin and Auxiliary Lots’s buff skills did not properly apply to certain Heroes.

– When Bellona’s skill “Windbreak Fan” defeats the last enemy with a total of 5 focus, the focus no longer is lost. 

– An issue has been fixed in which, in certain situations, Heroes were able to be placed on the team more than once.

■ Inventory

– Improvements have been made to the Artifact tab of the Inventory to make viewing more comfortable when selecting Artifacts to sell. 

■ Artifact

– Infinity Basket now properly displays in battle when triggered. 

– Infinity Basket’s attack stats have been improved to match those of other Artifacts.

■ Guild

– Weekly guild contribution now increases according to the amount of Guild Crests received through Gold donations rather than according to Gold donated.

– Players who have been promoted to Guild Captain and attempt to leave the Guild will now receive a notification stating that they cannot leave the Guild.

■ Battle

– An issue has been fixed in which, in Zone 3 of the Great Farche Labyrinth, Burning Eye Lich did not revive in certain conditions.

– The Boss effect resistance tooltip for Wyvern no longer displays ‘Decrease Speed’ immunity when after its barrier expires.

– The description for Silva and Klineode’s skill “Will of Nature” in Golem Hunt has been updated to match the actual effects. There is no change to the skill itself.

  └ Before: Immune to Provoke and Silence debuffs

  └ After: Immune to Provoke, Silence, and decrease Speed debuffs.

– The description for Zeno’s skill “Transcendent Power” in Arrogant Zeno (Epic Hell difficulty) has been updated to match the actual effects. There is no change to the skill itself.

  └ Before: Caster does not suffer critical hits if buffed, and counterattacks when attacked if granted three or more buffs.

  └ After: Greatly decreases damage suffered from a critical hit if the caster is buffed. Counterattacks when attacked if the caster has three or more buffs.

■ UI & Miscellaneous Changes

– The amount of Energy received from Leifs has been increased from 70 to 80.

– The [Package] category of the Shop is now be located under the [Skystone] category.

– The mini-map no longer displays in Skill Preview.

– Battle now begins immediately upon entering Skill Preview.

– Morfid now has an animated portrait.

– Church of Ilryos Axe’s Hero stars no longer spill outside the UI in the Hero Specialty Change menu. 

– Players will no longer receive STOVE errors on certain devices and are now able to enter the in-game Lobby.

– Equipment descriptions once again display when enhancing Equipment via the Hero menu. 

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